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How to Place a Job Listing

  1. Listings are provided free of charge courtesy of the Professional Concerns Committee of the Orange County Chapter American Guild of Organists. Inclusion of information on this web page does not imply endorsement by OCAGO, its committees, or executive board. Nor can OCAGO accept responsibility for the accuracy of the material presented by employing institutions. The Professional Concerns Committee of OCAGO reserves the right to refuse any and all present or future advertising of institutions when false or misleading information is presented.
  2. Listings must include salary range. Please consult recommended salary guidelines on the Professional Concerns page for information about compensation of church musicians.
  3. Listings must include expectations of total weekly hours to be spent filling total job requirements. The employing institution is required to include in its expectations, the total number of personal practice hours the musician is expected to spend in preparation for choir rehearsals, worship services, plus time spent in worship or program planning and preparation.
  4. Follow as closely as possible, the sample below. Submitted listings are subject to return or editing. Please note that the use of the language "contemporary" vs. "traditional" vs. "blended" vs. "alternate" worship styles is excluded from this web page. It is hoped that corporate worship in any church or synagogue is being conducted in spirit and truth.
  5. Listings (following all of the above guidelines) must be received via EMAIL by the Employment Referral Co-ordinator. Listings are normally posted on this web page within 2 weeks of acceptance. Listings will also be posted in the monthly OCAGO newsletter, The Clarion (available to chapter members only). Length of job listings is normally 3 months.
  6. Only a staff member or direct representative of the institution seeking to fill a position may post a job listing. No third parties may “assist” an institution in placing a listing; this is to protect both the institution and the guild.


Somewhere Presbyterian Church (USA), 911 North Main St., Somewhere, CA 92604. 714.292.7701.

Organist & music director for 600-member suburban church. 40 hours per week (which includes 30 hours of weekly planning/administration and 10 hours of on-site personal practice time for personal musical development and weekly preparation of worship services (musical excellence encouraged and expected.) Responsibilities include planning and preparation of appropriate organ and choral music for two weekly Sunday morning services. Fully-graded choir program including handbells. Total enrollment in music and fine arts programs is currently 130. New fine arts series in development stages. Three-manual, 78-stop, 91-rank Casavant Frères organ built in 1997. Candidate should have minimum master's degree in music, supervisory skills and team-effort approach to worship planning (meeting weekly with worship task force.) Salary and benefits commensurate with education, skills, and experience beginning at $42,000. Send resume or contact Dr. Such AnSo the above address.

Use the "contact us" page to send us your job listing. It will be included in mailings to our members.