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The Orange County AGO Endowment Investment Fund

Your Endowment Investment Fund

  • Supports scholarships, new compositions, and other special chapter projects
  • Authorized to expend each year up to 5% of the average value of the fund for the prior 3 years on approved projects
  • Invested in a diversified portfolio of high-quality mutual funds
  • Supervised by Endowment Investment Committee of chapter members with investment expertise and experience
  • Achieved solid investment performance over many years
  • Current value of fund over $115,000

We Invite Your Support and Participation

  • Your tax-deductible contribution to the Fund will foster its growth and create new and expanded opportunities for significant chapter projects and activities.
  • We would like to recognize you as a fund supporter in future issues of The Clarion and at chapter functions.

How to Contribute

  • Send your contribution to or contact the Orange County AGO Treasurer

Your check should be payable to: Orange County Chapter AGO and designated for: The Endowment Investment Fund