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Our Leadership

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Officers & Board 2023-2024

Dean Lois Holdridge
Sub-Dean Dr. Jung-A Lee
Recording Secretary Jennifer Puhl
Treasurer Fran Johnston
Registrar Tiffany Kao

Executive Committee

Class of 2023 Glenn Zielke
Class of 2023 Evelyn Eng
Class of 2023 Evan Benjamin
Class of 2024 Mark T. Purcell
Class of 2024 Robert Williamson
Class of 2024 Andrew Lombardi
Class of 2025 Michael Fausett
Class of 2025 Kevin Engle
Class of 2025 David Feit-Pretzer

Scholarships & Grants

Study Grants Dr. Tom Mueller


Newsletter: The Clarion Glenn Zielke, Editor
Website Frederick Johnson, Webmaster